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We Love Cider

It’s Local

We are proud and dedicated to working with small, family-run orchards. While this approach may not be as economical as working with larger fruit companies, we enjoy the relationships we’ve cultivated and relish working directly with the people who pick our apples.

It’s Wild

All of our ciders are partial wild ferments. This means that the yeast we use to ferment is the yeast that naturally occurs in apples. We sometimes introduce a champagne or other wine yeast to the mix when needed but prefer the complexity and variation that wild yeast brings to the flavors of our cider. We value using what’s available in our environment, it’s like wild-foraging and creating a distillation of the wild flora native and natural to our home, the Pacific Northwest. We believe it roots us to the land where we live, cultivate, and harvest.

It’s Dry

Our ciders are bone dry. Unapologetically bone dry. It’s a more archaic and traditional style of cider making but we prefer the dry aesthetic to any other kind of cider. We think that we’ve landed upon a pretty killer balance of acid, sugars, tannins, and flavors to create a spectrum of blends that appeal to avid and novice cider drinkers alike.


Montana MacIntosh

In the early 1900’s, Montana’s Bitterroot Valley was one of the largest McIntosh apple-producing regions in the world. Fruit harvested from these century-old trees is vastly superior in flavor and aromatics than the same counterpart grown elsewhere. For this reason, we went all the way to the continental divide to bring you the Montana Mac. It has a beautiful golden apple flavor unique to the renowned MacIntosh. aged over six months on the lees, it is Completely dry. Enjoy the complex flavor and aromas of Montana's terroir!


Old Goat

We love the country life, the rhythms of nature, and the magic that flows from the flora and fauna: namely, wild-fermented farmhouse ciders with lots of character and moxy. It's a cider that has a mind of its own, is a little bit bristly, yet lovable and mischievous like an old country goat.



Perfect for summer living. Our signature dry cider infused with Hibiscus and a juicy kick from Texas ruby red grapefruit. Whether poolside, riverside, or wherever you find yourself enjoying the Pacific Northwest summer, it'll keep you cool and refreshed like liquid shade. The alluring ruby red color looks sweet, but it retains our signature bone-dry profile: never sugary, never artificial. Always made with the finest organic ingredients whenever possible.



Historical texts from the 1880's suggest that the American ciders of yore were more akin to the old-world German Apfelwines and Spanish Sidras: cloudy, aromatic, and tart with long finishes full of intrigue and soft tannins. Made from a blend of local apples and crabapples, this cider is 100% wild-fermented. A throwback to the original classic, we made this cider to be distinctly American: wild, free, and boldly acidic with just a touch of funk from the wild side!



A special blend of eight heirloom apples goes into our Heritage cider which is partially wild-fermented, giving it a slight funk and lingering complexity. We let it age out to complete dryness, sur-lees to imbue it with some astringent bitterness and a satisfying clean finish.



Our single-varietal Newton Pippin dry cider is fermented partially wild, giving it not only incredible flavor but ties it to our specific geography here in the Northwest. The cider is dry and aromatic with a crisp apple profile, and only a whisper of apple sweetness on the lingering finish makes this cider incredibly drinkable.


Double Barrel – Whiskey Barrel Aged Ice Cider

15.2% Alc. by Vol - Sold in 375ml Cork-Finish Bottles Layers of sweet and tart, bourbon and vanilla with hints of oak and dark caramel, this cider is meant for sipping. Cryoconcentrated to four times its normal strength, the juice is fermented then aged in whiskey barrels for six months giving it an irresistible bourbon kick, with alluring aromatics and a long warming finish.