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Who We Are:

Woodbox Cider was started by the Thierfelder brothers and their mother, Mama Gibson. We’re a family owned and operated boutique cidery. We source all our apples locally, from our home state of Oregon and production happens in Portland’s very own Northeast quadrant. We’re pretty stoked to present you with several, signature cider blends that are becoming famous for their unapologetically bone dry flavor profiles.

Our Story:

Woodbox cider broke figurative ground back in January 2015 but the Theirfelder Bros. had been dreaming of a cidery well before they officially opened their doors. Mike began as a hobbyist making small batches of beer from home for recreational enjoyment. That’s when Mike discovered that gluten was causing adverse reactions to his health and refusing to give up the joys of fermenting, he set his sights on cider. Much to his delight, he and his beer-loving friends were quick to laud the new fruits of his labor.

One fateful evening in 2014 as the family wrapped up Thanksgiving dinner, Mike and his brother Nathan struck up a conversation about getting into the cider business and soon after hatched the plan. Less than a year-and-half later, Mom had come on board, and the family found themselves slinging cider throughout the far corners of the city and beyond.

The Theirfelder’s dream is to one day have an orchard of their own with a bonafide tasting room up in the Hood River valley, where they currently source some their apples. For now though, they are content to be spreading the dry-cider gospel whenever and wherever they can.


Mike Thierfelder is the heart and hands of the operation. You can find him harvesting, pressing, fermenting, or bottling just about any day of the week. Sherri, as proud as can be, can charm just about anybody into wetting their whistle with one of her sons’ distinctive ciders.